August 27, 2021

jungle boys dispensary

Jungle Boys dispensary is a group of LA-based growers who are cultivating cannabis while spreading knowledge and insight within the community since 2005. The best marijuana dispensaries near me

The Beginning of the Jungle Boys Dispensary

Few names in cannabis are surrounded with as much hype as the Jungle Boys dispensary. However, because so much focus has gone to the amazing pot they’re producing, little time has been dedicated to learning the real backstory behind the top-shelf collective. We had the chance to talk with the Jungle Boys’ founder Ivan about their earliest roots.

Ivan says he started like any other cannabis enthusiast in his youth. He wasn’t incredibly dedicated yet. Jungle boys dispensary founder, he enjoyed smoking good cannabis and would occasionally read through High Times. At that point in life, he viewed cannabis consumption as more of a hobby than anything. Ivan said he was really becoming interested in cultivating as he got a bit older, but life was taking him on a different path. He was working on large-scale industrial buildouts, including for big-name companies such as FedEx when it expanded its SoCal operations.

It was at this point that Ivan also got exposed to the concept of opening jungle boys dispensary. At dispensaries for the first time. He fired up a couple of lights in the garage. Again, he began to dip his toes into what would become the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, back then it was still just a movement. Since you were a lot more likely to end up in handcuffs. Nevertheless, Ivan says, his first run of some now-mystery Bubba Kush cross came out exceptional.

About 13 years ago, Ivan’s new warehouse was also emerging in the Los Angeles scene, at the time the number of Los Angeles-area dispensary storefronts began to expand. So, Ivan began working with a couple of bigger shops.

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