9 pound hammer


The name is accurate, but it belies the strain’s more nuanced effects. Yes, 9 pound hammer is sedating an all heck, but it’s also stress relieving and pain quieting, with a soft creative suggestion perfect for a little right brain stimulation.


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The 9 pound hammer Seatle strain, buy 9 pound hammer strain online. 9 pound hammer autoflower,9 pound hammer leafly,9 pound hammer is sedating an all heck.

9 Pound Hammer Effects


Dry mouth 19%

Dry eyes 9%
Dizzy 3%
Headache 2%
Anxious 1%
Help with
Pain 30%
Stress 29%
Insomnia 27%
Anxiety 22%
Depression 21%
Relaxed 68%
Sleepy 49%
Happy 34%
Euphoric 33%
Hungry 20%
8/10-9/10 really good for chronic pain, bad anxiety and PTSD. Gets you calm really quickly, very relaxed state. But at the same time kind of focused if done right amount. I really like it 25.1%, buy 9 pound hammer strain online.
Perfect weed for relaxation and falling asleep. Smells very piney and makes you feel like you’re walking on a dark forest path at night time in the fall. Very chill. Hello America! Giving this one a big thumbs up from mine to yours. It all depends on who grew the pound hammer strain that determines whether or not the product will be perfect or no different than average bud. But 9 pound Hammer Trulieve has never disappointed. Great strain not usually an Indica smoker but this is gas. Good for nighttime gives you a nice floating feeling in the body and gets you ready to Mack on some shrimp scampi, buy 9 pound hammer strain.


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