Banana Punch


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Genetics: Banana OG X Purple Punch 80% Indica dominant



Banana Punch is a wonderfully flavorful Hybrid cross. Buy banana punch strain, jungleboys nug banana punch. The Banana Punch strain was selected for its unique tropical pineapple terpene profile, tranquilizing indica high and it’s supreme hash making qualities. Expect an aroma of ripe bananas and fruity spice. Furthermore,  when you open the jar and a flavor profile that lives up to its name. A delightful essence of bananas and berries is apparent in the flavor along with the strong OG spice that speaks to the sheer potency of this strain.

buy banana punch strain

Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, Banana Punch crosses Banana OG and Purple Punch. It has a hazy, tropical flavor with notes of banana and freshly cut pineapple. Regarded as a heavier strain, Banana Punch may deliver a long-lasting, tranquil high from head to toe. The high of Banana Punch is tranquilizing and a bit of a creeper, as it slowly yet unrelentingly induces a deep state of full-body relaxation. The nugs are completely caked in a heavy layer of trichomes. The color that does peek through ranges from vibrant greens to with hues of purple with burnt orange hairs, buy banana punch strain.

jungleboys nug banana punch

This strain really hits me fast and I enjoy the heavy head high for my bong. Nugs were dense and tastes great. This is like a very citrus flavor with a little touch of fruit punch. They have a very relaxing mindful stress and has a critical smell.

2 reviews for Banana Punch

  1. punnabakun

    a wonderful complete body buzz. about 10 minutes in I could feel my face start to get tingly. my thoughts were clear but my mind and body felt totally relaxed. a great one to smoke before bed or to relieve stress and tension. as someone who deals with a great deal of anxiety, this is probably my new favorite strain. what a find!

  2. galonlopers

    It’s been a while since I have laughed so hard. Banana Punch is great! Very compact type plant with a very sweet smell. Bud is super tight and beautiful. A little goes a long ways. I smoked a small bowl and it got me going for the next three hours. I worked on a project non-stop and then ordered dinner and ate like a pig. Feel so good now. It’s energetic and uplifting. It tastes more like berry banana than citrus. It tastes so good. It has to taste good. Even if it’s potent and it doesn’t taste good, it’s a bad trip but when it tastes good, your trip will start off just fine. It also smells like berry banana while you’re smoking it. I liked it so much that I ordered some more. Kudos to on this, hope it lasts me a month! Does not make you feel drowsy but most importantly, it puts you in a good mood. You know, the type of bud that will keep you stable for a long time. No need to smoke every 5 minutes, you can go for up to five hours with a decent buzz. Landing is gradual and smooth. BananaPunch is highly recommended. Peace, out!

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