Blueberry SinMints


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Genetics: Blue Power x SinMint Cookies



Sinmint sorbet strain marketplace is the best dispensary to buy blueberry sinmint cookies strain. Again the substitute is sinmint cookies strain allbud. SinMint Cookies provides powerfully euphoric effects that let your mind float blissfully away from the day’s stresses. Its aroma is a subtle mix of earthy sweetness with a trace of sharp mint.

buy blueberry sinmint cookies strain

SinMint Cookies is Sin City Seeds’ signature hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power. Buy blueberry sinmint cookies strain. Hitting this again for the second time, high impacts of Euphoria, and pain-numbing hits not only my joints but inside my bones. This is a veteran strain for sure, sinmint sorbet strain marketplace.

sinmint sorbet strain marketplace

You know that feeling when you’re super comfortable in bed and about to fall asleep In a minute and it feels so good that you wish you could drag it out? This does that, I take a few puffs off my vape and I feel like it drags out that feeling for 30 minutes before falling asleep. Best smelling bud I’ve smelled and leaves a great after taste and can smoke all day long

sinmint cookies strain allbud

Euphoric. Time dilation lol Relaxing and pain reliving for sure. Sinmint cookies strain allbud, Tried strawberry sinmint, rediscovered my life/career direction, came up with briefs for many concepts that had been hiding in my unconscious brain. It’s a connector, sinmint cookies strain allbud. It connects your thoughts like magnets. The very heavy strain starts off with a real head high and then mellows out to a body relaxation session. Great for muscle pain relief, and induced appetite for me.

2 reviews for Blueberry SinMints

  1. Torsack

    High came in fast and just when you think you might trip, it mellow down and then finally giving you a deep relaxation with a head high. Overall, good strain for night time for me.

  2. Spiffmadison

    This strain puts you in a very dream like, nostalgic feeling. Gives me a singing head High that lasts a couple hours! Gives you that same feeling that the holidays do, like sipping that first peppermint hot chocolate of the season! Melts your stress and anxiety away like opening that favorite new hoodie at Christmas that you can’t wait to wear all the time. It’s definitely a favorite of mine to smoke for any occasion. The taste is so much vanilla and mint it’s a sweet one for sure! I definitely sit and smile the whole time I’m toasted on this stuff. If you see it try it!

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