Frosted Flakes cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica with a THC average of 19%.



Frosties cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica with a THC average of frosties frosted flakes strain. frosties razzle dazzle strain. cookies frosties albino strain.

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Happy 61%

Relaxed 79%

Euphoric 46%

Uplifted 53%

Creative 40%

Help with

Stress 44%

Anxiety 28%

Depression 25%

Insomnia 23%

Pain 30%


Dry mouth 9%

Paranoid 1%

Anxious 2%

Headache 1%

Dry eyes 5%

frosties razzle dazzle strain

Firstly, a lot of flavor to this strain I love the dense cookie smoke and heavy buds. It’s a head high but a good one where you can still function lol. This weed is a dark green color and is very leafy. However, when broken up it is gluelike sticky with a wet in appearance crystals, however,  frosties razzle dazzle strain is good.

cookies frosties albino strain

This is not your ordinary cannabis strain, cookies frosties albino strain. Again, It has a really nice purple and green colors. , it’s also coated in trichomes. The name for this weed fits it accurately because it looks like a snowstorm hit these dense Frosties nugs. Finally, orange hairs can be found all over these nugs too. We have to give it up to Nero and his growers HP farms because they produced a top of the line strain.


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