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Koko Nuggz is a chocolate confection that looks surprisingly similar to cannabis buds.


Koko nuggz wholesale dispensary, buy kokonuggz strain online. Koko nuggz medicated strain. This is surprisingly giving high effects like other good strains. Koko nugz is chocolate made to look like marijuana. Don’t take this with you on the road before a cop decides to take you to jail over candy. Koko Nuggz is a chocolate confection that looks surprisingly similar to cannabis buds. This imagery is driven home by their nug-like shape and the addition of crunchy cereal-like bits that give the “nuggz” both texture and a lack of uniformity that plays to their appearance. Koko nuggz wholesale dispensary offers these buds in Koko Nuggz Chocolate Budz (Banana Kush, OG, and Kush Berry flavors).

The OG flavor tasted almost exactly like a Crunch bar you can buy from a corner store. The nuggz are toothsome and crunchy and taste like your run-of-the-mill milk chocolate. This wouldn’t be such a problem if the jars were reasonably priced, but I’ll talk more about that later.

While this was my favorite of the three flavors, the candy was missing any real (or fake) banana flavor. That’s not to say the white chocolate and crunchy crispies weren’t nice to chow on, especially after slurping on a vape pen, but I was expecting a bit more nuance on the palate.

This flavor has a sweet Kool-Aid aroma on the nose and a Fruity Pebbles x Crunch Berry hybrid taste. The buds were also adorned with light purple flecks that gave the “chocolate foliage” a wanna be-Purps appearance, koko nuggz medicated strain.

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3 reviews for Kokonuggz

  1. Joseeltigre

    This strain produces a really good, mellow high. It’s very relaxing and uplifting and worked really well for my depression.

  2. Hyperion83

    nice head high, with enough body high to keep you on your couch if you don’t want to be very active

  3. demitarahmadani

    Smooth like butta! Not harsh to smoke, no dry eyes/mouth, no munchies either. Nice relaxed high. Diggin this strain.

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