London Pound Cake


London Poundcake is said to be a cross of Sunset Sherbert and an unknown heavy-hitting indica. 70% indica



Sweet flavors, potent effects, buy London pound cake strain. London pound cake dispensary.London pound cake leafly. Amazing strain! The flavors were full of berry/ lemon taste with a hint of a grape and the high was very body and mind strong and overall a top 10 strain hands down. Firstly, London pound cake leafly is The best of the best depending on your supplier. It’s a good body and head high. The flowers are purple and green and crystal. Depending on your day might get paranoid.

Again, Not only will London Pound Cake taste great. Furthermore, it likely puts you into a relaxed state for hours. But she has been reported to help with mental concerns including anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Some individuals who struggle with physical pain find that their symptoms are alleviated with this bud. However, and if you smoke enough of it, there’s a chance that London Pound Cake could help you to battle insomnia.

London Pound Cake Leafly

London pound cake dispensary. However, London Pound Cake isn’t for the faint of heart, as this bud clocks in as high as 29% THC. Nugs are dense and dark in color. In addition to that their appearance is freshened up a bit with bright orange hairs and chunky amber trichomes. If you enjoy sweeter strains that blend sugary notes with a bit of earthiness, this gal is for you. Her flavors and aromas feature berries, grapes, and lemon with wood and nuts to balance things out perfectly. Buy London pound cake strain dispensary. London pound cake dispensary offers this strain in the highest but quality.

London Pound Cake Dispensary

Despite how powerful she seems on paper, London Pound Cake isn’t typically super sedating for experienced users. Most find that her initial effects are more cerebral in nature, bringing an uplifting mental state and clarity to the mind after even the most stressful of days. While you’re focused on this positivity, however, bodily effects may sneak up on you and impart a sensation of relaxation and slight sleepiness without being overwhelming. Newer users should probably steer clear of this gal until their tolerance is more solidified.

Sweet flavors, potent effects, and the ability to potentially help with both recreational and medical needs – what can’t London Pound Cake do? Smokers who have been around the block a few times should consider adding this strain to their bucket list, and if they find it enjoyable, try to work it into their regular rotation.


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