Orange Cookies


Genetics: Orange Juice X Forum Cookies. Sativa dominant with ratio of 30:70 indica to Sativa ratio



Orange Cookies bred by Franchise Genetics is a hybrid, buy orange cookies strain Amazon, orange cookies strain Reddit, orange cookies franchise genetics. Orange Cookies bred by Franchise Genetics is a hybrid that combines Orange Juice with the renowned GSC. A flavor-packed strain, Orange Cookies expresses itself with a strong aroma of sweet citrus that closely resembles a fresh tangerine. The flavors of Orange Cookies gives way to deep calming body effects that mingle with a euphoric cerebral buzz to leave you happy and relaxed.

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A good strain for needing to relax and just let go! I use this for night time because it makes me super sleepy! I usually take a hot bath, light a candle or incense, cut on some classical music, Lucia Marelli or some Eric Bellinger and I just relax! This strain will relax you, buy orange cookies strain Amazon. This is a great strain if you get the chance. It’s very calming/relaxing. It makes it a little hard to focus because I keep daydreaming and “wandering off” in my head. it doesn’t mess with my motor skills a whole lot so I’m still coordinated, which is nice because it doesn’t make me sleepy or groggy. I just feel less “all over the place”. If you want to relax, but don’t want to be in a coma for the next few hours, give this one a shot.

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Very high from this strain taste just as the title says highly recommended!! I’m a heavy smoker and 1 toke has me heavily buzzed. Great for insomniacs Very strong strain. Hard time staying awake, orange cookies strain Reddit. The interesting strain starts of as Sativa. Furthermore, it slowly melts into an indica better for a chilled out environment rather than a high paced.


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