Gary Payton


This strain was bred by Powerzzzup genetics and is a cross between Snowman x The Y.



Commonly known as Gary Payton, buy powerzzzup strain online.powerzzzup strain snow og.powerzzzup Instagram cookies strain.powerzzzup snowman online sales. I’ll experiment a lot over the next month, but like so many other indicas it is feeling dose-specific – do a lot and you’ll be unconscious; do a little nice buzz. Anyway, I like my 1st try a lot. Pretty buds with greens, some purples, and small orange sections, powerzzzup Instagram cookies strain. Nice smell. I love the flavor and the vibrant colors inside the nuggets. I really enjoyed the lift and length of my float. Definitely relaxing and calming. It has a very exotic peculiar flavor and fragrance. It almost reminds me of some of the finest colognes in von Maur, I love it, buy powerzzzup strain online!

Powerzzzup strain snow og, Got it at dankshireshop in December and it was quite a pleasure smoking! Don’t listen to anyone that thinks gelato is good, powerzzzup snowman online sales. If you manage to find real Gary keep it all. For medical benefits, the taste and hard-hit are just what an everyday cookie smoker would be looking for.. Heavy indica with a balanced taste and kick is the perfect mix. I can’t think of a better indica available rn…


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