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All flavors are a half gram and available’s include; Gelato, strawberry cough, pineapple express, strawnana, blue dream, skywalker OG, OG kush, Premium Jack. Before you make your order, choose the flavor(s) and make mention of it in the “order note” box on the check out page.


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Our champ for the best-prefilled THC cartridge in 2018 is the Stiiizy vape pen and their airtight units. Firstly, they are loaded up with cannabis separated oil that isn’t cut with any fillers and tried with at least 85% THC. Double wind stream burrows on the mouthpiece of the case are incredible for vaping huge size mists. The cartridge is both releases and consumes confirmation making it one of the most sturdy prefilled cartridges available. We incidentally dropped this cartridge in excess of scarcely any occasions with no issues that we would have had with a glass prefilled truck. Purchase stiiizy vape cartridge on the web from stiiizy pen carts website.

stiiizy pods flavors wholesale

Get best stiiizy pods flavors wholesale like; Gelato, strawberry cough, pineapple express, strawnana, blue dream, skywalker OG, OG kush, Premium Jack.

medical care online shop stiiizy

Stiiizy has a programmed puff enactment capacity that makes vaping all the more a wonderful encounter; it’s substantially more pleasant than other vape pens that require a catch to squeezed while vaping. These carts units are anything but difficult to slide onto its battery and simple to jump out. A component is substantially more effective than the standard 510 string screw-on trucks.

stiiizy pods for sale near me

Stiiizy cartridges are made sure about by magnets which is the motivation behind. This is why it’s so quick to evacuate and include one of their dispensable prefilled cartridges. Purchase stiiizy vape cartridge on the web. Purchase Stiiizy Pods Online from stiiizy pen carts website. Furthermore, it has altered versatile cannabis pleasure with a cartridge that conveys a consume and release free vape experience. Stiiizy cannabis oils are made with solventless extraction, and every item is unadulterated, whole, and without filler. Each Pod and Syringe incorporates the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes got from the first strain. Development and motivation go connected at the hip for Stiiizy, and the group is focused on creating both. Lift your cannabis vaping involvement in a puff of Stiiizy.

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  1. DabbinMama

    🍇🌚 Bong ripped, off we drift on Stiizy pods; Time slipped, eyelids getting hard to lift. This is one amazing strain. Very potent and delicious. It will put everything at ease. It will make you smile. It will sit you down. It will reassure you that everything is okay. It will even make sure you eat! If a strain could be your mother, this would be it! It tastes amazing. Sweet like a berry with a touch of citrus along with an earthy tone. I recommend this strain to everybody! It will probably put you to sleep after a little while.

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