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Gummy Bear OG is a balanced hybrid with slightly dominant Sativa genetics

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     White Gummy Strain Information 2021

This strain is the outcome of a stellar 3-way cross. buy white gummy strain. white gummy shopping mall.white gummy shop house.white gummy online shopping.

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Firstly, White gummy strain is the child of a premium 3-way cross. This strain is a cross between Jillybean, Bubblegum, and OG Kush. In addition to that three of these parents are famous on their own. It is no surprise their child turned out so well. Buy white gummy strain, it’s a tricky strain to grow. It is ideal for experienced cultivars who know what they are doing.

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This strain would be a hefty challenge for any beginning grower. White gummy shopping mall. The average yield of this strain is not widely known. Either way, its high-quality buds, and unique flavor make it an excellent strain to grow.

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It does well in both indoor and outdoor environments, but it is not easy to find a clone or seed of this strain, white gummy online shopping.

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3 reviews for White Gummy

  1. CegatonJR

    Definitely a relaxing Get away, that’s sure to have you floating for hours. Stoner since before 2000 Great Go To For Chronic pain Smokers Heavily coated Beauty

  2. Shanjida34

    Heavy hitter, you can tell the moment you see it. Smells potent af. Looks amazingly aesthetic with dark purple hues. If you like to be indicouch this is a top tier selection

  3. Fitosancho

    Very even balance of effects with this strain, not extremely energizing or sedating but a little bit of both at the same time, guess that’s her bite. Very fast acting. Great daytime strain to manage your day!

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