Florida Cake


Genetics: Triangle Kush X Wedding Cake. THC~24%



This is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that can be grown indoors or outdoors, buy Florida cake strain, Florida cake soflo kerosene cookies strain, jungle boys Florida cake strain.

Florida cake soflo kerosene cookies strain

jungle boys Florida cake strain

It comes on slowly with some pleasing spacey vibes, and then it drops you off a cliff into total muscle relaxation. Maybe ‘gently rolls you down the hill’ is better. Anyway, it’s great, jungle boys Florida cake Strain. Amazing when vaped for a chill but thoughtful head high with a delightful comfortable but not crippling body high. I picked mine up at INSA in Easthampton, MA. I bought the dart and do not regret it. It is an exceptionally long high too that leaves you gently feeling uplifted and relaxed.


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