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Fuji OG is a hybrid strain with about 21% THC with lots of calming effects.



As confirmed by other hybrids, this monster does no different, buy fuji og kush, fuji og old man strain, fuji og cookies strain, serpentine strain fuji og. OG #18, a phenotype of OG Kush, was introduced by DNA Genetics. Also known as “Private Reserve,” this indica-dominant hybrid delivers a long-lasting sedative and trancey high, ideal for leisure and relaxation. True to its predecessors, this flower carries the distinct diesel kush flavor with sour undertones. Its prominence is not new, buy fuji og kush: a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in ’09 and ’10, as well as the Europe Champions Cup and Spannabis Indoor Hydro Cup in ’10. Interested in growing? Plan for a 9 week flowering time indoors.

Most stoners and patients find it hard to get the right strain. Nowadays people smoke just because of the high they turn to love. Looking at some reviews of stoners below can go a long way to added knowledge about hybrids(fuji og cookies strain).

Serpentine Strain Fuji OG Reviews

– Fuji og old man strain is a great strain for those deep body aches as well as the needle pain of nerve damage. It has been a lifesaver for me. The great heady buzz that if used in moderation you could put together a puzzle, overused and you are lazy boys locked for a few hours, but they will be peaceful hours. I’m rambling.

This helps every medical issue I have, buy fuji og kush. I’ve never had better concentrate on my pain and aches. I’m actually motivated now making big changes in my life and getting things back on track. I was depressed for a while and I swear medical marijuana has saved me. Not only my physical self but my mental sanity. I think most millennials probably smoke weed partially to escape the constant invisible matrix/spiderweb of WiFi signals, LTE cell towers, etc that inhabit our planet now. Technology will be the end of us. Remember the fuji og cookies strain…that is a gift from God TLDR; introspective, relaxing, munchies, expanded mind.

2 reviews for Fuji Og

  1. Asadul9900

    8 pulls and 5 mins later… body pains eased significantly! Body became completely relaxed. Stress levels decreased 🙃 😴😴15 mins later I was ready to sleep. If you’ve got sleep issues this will definitely help. I’d call this an Indica. I experienced no excessive cotton mouth, dizziness, headaches or munchies.

  2. Erick Maita

    Fuji Og is a strain that helps with just wanting to unravel ,and sink into the couch. My pain and anxiety have also subsided also,and thats a plus!

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