High Octane Og


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Grown by the team at Cookies Fam, buy high octane OG strain dank czar, dank czar high octane strain cookies.

High Octane OG is a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Octane. It’s perfect for when it’s time to quiet down and go to bed. The strain has been used for numerous crosses and continues to infuse strains with its tasty terpenes. Expect an aroma and flavor that is gassy with a smooth, creamy, and floral finish on the exhale. Next time you are looking for some gas, dank czar high Octane OG might be the right choice.

buy dank czar high octane og strain

The strain’s effects hit with a rush of energy to the head and settle down into a cozy, weighted stone that can help abate anxiety, ADD, minor pain, and a lack of appetite. Furthermore, great for relaxation and euphoria within minutes. very calming and pain almost was gone. great as the name states fuel aroma and reminds me of the great stuff in the old days. This isn’t something you want to pass on, buy high octane OG strain. This is a really nice OG cross. Body relaxed and mind focused. finally, Potent lasts for a long time even with a high tolerance.

dank czar high octane strain cookies

Great party strain, dank czar high octane og for sale. Happy, funny, chilled, all anxiety is gone and um, well, super, super horny. Great strain, dank czar high octane og. The huge head rush that lasts a good duration immediately after smoking. Then just a long-lasting chill, but enough energy to get some work done and the focus to get it done. High doses, however, is a different game and a complete bake, high octane strain cookies.


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