La Kush Cake


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Genetic: Wedding Cake X Kush Mints. La kush Cake is an indica dominant hybrid that is 70: 30 indica/Sativa. THC~40%



LA Kush Cake is a great option for those seeking pain relief. buy la kush cake strain, la kush cake giant delight strain, la kush cake la glue strain. Genetics: Wedding Cake X Kush Mints. La kush Cake is an indica dominant hybrid that is 70: 30 indica/Sativa. THC~40%.

buy la kush cake strain

LA Kush cake is an indica-dominant hybrid. Also, it allows users all of the benefits of a Sativa body buzz without the vegetative state that it can sometimes induce. Your first impression of LA Kush cake will be favorable. With a tasty inhale that perks you up and leaves you feeling motivated and happy. Buy LA kush cake strain

la kush cake giant delight strain

Inheriting strong traits from both parents, this hybrid carries the classic OG taste of earthy diesel. Its aroma is rich with diesel and pine notes accented by a sour and earthy fragrance. LA Kush Cake is a great option for those seeking pain relief or more powerful euphoria, as this strain imbues the mind and body with tranquilizing relaxation. la Kush cake giant delight strain, spicy strain

la kush cake la glue strain

Because of its mood raising properties, this strain is perfect for anyone looking to relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression. LA Kush is great for alleviating tension and putting you into a tranquil state. If you are a motivated smoker, this won’t get in the way of functionality and is great for use any time of day. This is also a great bud for mild aches and pains and muscle soreness. Users have even seen relief from mild bouts with a lack of appetite. LA Kush Cake La glue strain, it better than most.

3 reviews for La Kush Cake

  1. Asziofalz

    The first 3 hits and let the bubble effects along. After that, all pain slowly fades to nothing and it lasts too. Excellent fragrant strain, with potent effects. Fast-acting. High THC percentage. Works well for pain and nausea. Thanks for being there dankshireshop

  2. anonymous1010s

    Wowzerz this strain is just what I needed. My depression and anxiety has been really heavy lately and immediately after smoking this I started to just mellow out smoothly. I sat back in my seat as the body high came melting in. Easing away any stress I had in my mind and any aches I had in my body. I’m a bodybuilder so I was quite soar from a heavy arm day and now I’m completely relaxed from head to do. Aroused af! Super tingly. This is a very happy playful and sensual strain. It allows your thoughts to slow down all while still remaining functional, for the most part haha. Well that’s how it is hitting my cannabinoid system. I read reviews of people saying this will have you stuck. All tho I have been in the same place for an hour now. I believe I can get up and still be coherent through the day on this. Man am I feeling good. It feels dam good to say that haha. So Calming 😉

  3. Bheemkumarm

    One sexy strain, she’s got looks, taste and a psychedelic sex appeal. Smoking this flower from a glass pipe will send you over the moon.

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