Mitten Cake Batter


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Genetics: Mitten Cake X Kush Mints



Mitten cake batter strain Information

Mitten Cake Batter strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics, online marketplace for mitten cake batter strain, mitten cake batter strain on Instagram.


Happy 51%

Relaxed 35%

Uplifted 31%

Creative 22%

Euphoric 26%

Help with 

Stress 49%

Anxiety 38%

Depression 25%

Insomnia 29%

Pain 39%


Dry mouth 11%

Paranoid 5%

Dry eyes 1%

Anxious 3%

Headache 1%

mitten cake batter

Mitten cake is just an original triangle mint f1 selected by six-string hit with kush mints fem pollen to make mitten cake batter. Very sweet, more of a head high, buy mitten cake batter. Really good, makes you really relaxed and a bit drowsy. It made me want to draw, and make art. It also gives you a lot of kiev when you grind it.

online marketplace for mitten cake batter

Always smooth to draw and control. High comes on smooth and mellow. love the earthy sweet taste like mountain air. This bud is very similar to Gsc, but tastes so much better, plus relieves Anxiety, and is really good for people with Chronic Pain, and helps you sleep too. I highly recommend this strain!! I hope you enjoy it, the online marketplace for the mitten cake batter. 

mitten cake batter strain on Instagram

This is one tasty strain, on par with OG18 or Sweet Tooth. Floral sweetness with a Lil spice that gets up in your sinuses and almost makes you sneeze. 31% total THC. Nice body and head effects, great for pain and depression. I do love a good hybrid, and this one was awesome. Strong (29%+ THC) and the high is such a nice blend of Sativa and Indica. Truly the best of both worlds…close to 50/50 IMO. A little went a long way. Early effects were more Sativa but the nice body buzz was present all along.

3 reviews for Mitten Cake Batter

  1. Pain go away

    I can’t believe this is how Jb products actually kick hard. First, few hits got me in a super universal moon state, going down more and the head high was actually out of this world. feeling relaxed, and my depression has been washed out like a fast-flowing river. Early last week at the construction site in Virginia, a pipe fell on my leg and i was given pain pills and sent home for 2 months and the COVID-19 shitting me and f****king with my head but this strain my friend is a pain go away one-man army. I wrote this review with a blissful body and soul and I took this THC bud and wrote it down as my favorite. Though the price is looking a little bit steep but with the effective changes it brought to me, I can’t complain. Paying for it anytime, jungle boys and dankshireshop are out of this world, they are just beyond human understanding and imagination.

  2. amares1616

    Smoked 1 hit from flower to ⅔ lung capacity. Felt nice uplifting effects, and very happy, with mild time distortions. An hour later, after taking a shower and shaving (and having experienced no physical impairments), I took 2 more such hits. Now shit is getting real. I feel delighted by touch and fascinated by the sensory hypersensitivity, which lends itself to physical arousal. I’m not sleepy, yet tempted to have couch lock. Still, I have been documenting the journey in journals now for the last few hours and I don’t feel negativity associated with this depth of self-reflection. I’m going to marry Wedding Cake.

  3. Tosho222

    Best strain I’ve had. It gives me the exact high that I like. MCB has been the only flower I buy since I found it.

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