Punch Breath


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A dominant indica hybrid with swift relaxed effects.



For those seeking less stress and more balance in life, buy punch breath strain, punch breath strain allbud, purple punch breath online, punch breath strain Sativa or indica. There is a Branded Marijuana Online Shop. The cannabis company dedicated to the synergy of health and wellness. We lead busy lives and need to counteract daily stress by eating mindfully, exercising wisely and reflecting on our choices. Danshire shop offers the highest quality cannabis strains grown pesticide-free in sunny, coastal Santa Barbara. Our partners(punch breath strain allbud) are family farmers. With generations of experience, who nurture each plant to reach the peak of its potential. So, whether you are a yogi, athlete, creative type or need to relax at the end of a long day, Danshire shop can aid you in reaching a higher state of peace and tranquility, while bringing balance to life.

Purple punch breath online is an Indica cross of Purple Punch x Mendo Breath. Sweet berry flavors wrapped in a cookie dough cover. A perfect dessert strain for your after-dinner relaxation. Seven 1/2 gram all flower joints. All pre-rolls are made with premium flowers, no shake, larf, or trim. We use premium preroll papers, all packs come with Boost humidity packs and are packaged in a 100% recycled plastic childproof dragon chewer box made in the USA.

Is Punch Breath Sativa Or Indica

Punch breath strain Sativa or indica is a common question asked by many, buy punch breath strain. Punch breath is an indica dominant hybrid cross of Mendo Breath and Purple Punch. Leaving you with a nice body buzz, but never fully taking over, this strain can still be a great daytime hybrid for those courageous enough to try it. In addition to this, reviews and effects reported by other patients and stoners can go a long way to help understand this guru hybrid.

Lovely taste with a strong fruity smell. The smoke really strong as well trust me first 2-3 pulls and i was feeling pretty baked already. It’s a must-have.

Furthermore, A bit harsh on the lungs, wouldn’t recommend for anyone with heart issues as it causes palpitations. Tried both the Bud and Shatter, Anxiety after a few minutes, Punch breath strain Sativa or indica. Tastes of a seaweed-like aftertaste. Its a No from me. Weirdest indica odor, it’s not garbage, but it would be my last option only.

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