Purple Punchsicle


Genetics: Purple punch X Purple punch



Its effects may help with managing nausea, stress, buy purple punchsicle strain, purple punchsicle review, purple punchsicle cannasseur north, purple punchsicle strain leafly, purple punchsicle exotikz. Quick to calm the mind and then the body. Really nice for the yoga class. Calm mind, focus, creative. It makes the world feel simpler while the mind can still think straight for the most part. Probably best late in the day.

buy purple punchsicle strain

Super relaxing and really strong, has a good effect on those who work construction. I’d recommend it, buy purple punchsicle strain. super purple buds like almost no green! super relaxing mellow high. Has a hint of a berry/fruity taste, purple punchsicle exotikz.

purple punchsicle review

-I loved how sleepy it made me. It made me miss waking up to my alarm and being late to work but I got the best sleep of my life.

Looked really good dark purple, green and black. Tasted fruity. Smoked clean. High isn’t bad just not the strongest strain, purple punchsicle review.

purple punchsicle cannasseur north

Classic Indica vibes for sure. I love this strain for its pungent, sweet nose and ability to chill one out incredibly quickly. Here in Oregon, it seems like its getting crossed with everything and that is just fine with me. One-two! Purple Punch brings it all to this indica with a decent taste and gentle slide into happiness, euphoria, and connected (dare I say…) bliss. Was feeling super low and achy before use and after relaxed, calm, communicative AND creative. A beautiful high, purple punchsicle cannasseur north.

purple punchsicle strain leafly

For someone that normally gets anxious when they get too high, this stuff is the cream of the crop. The very strong and relaxing body high and great for before bed. This is my new daily driver for the foreseeable future. very good head buzz, intense relaxations. Again, headache followed as soon as the high wore off, purple punchsicle strain leafly.

purple punchsicle exotikz

Colorful strain that tastes great. Perfect stain for falling asleep and eating. I love how the price for this strain has gone down significantly since it first came out a few years ago. It smells/tastes like candy and instantly quelled my panic attack, so it’s aces in my book. I highly recommend this strain, purple punchsicle exotikz.


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