Strawberry Shortcake


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Genetics: White Wookies X The White. Indica dominant hybrid



A magical cross between white wookies X white, dark horse strawberry shortcake, buy strawberry shortcake strain. strawberry shortcake cheesecake strain, strawberry shortcake strain effects. Bred by Cannarado and pheno hunted by the Jungle Boyz, this multi-state project has produced a top-shelf strain that’s turning heads everywhere. The first in the Jungle Boyz’s Exotikz lineup. Firstly, Strawberry Shortcake crosses White Wookies with The White, offering a strong and hearty strawberry flavor. This strain will put you down for the count in euphoric bliss, making any old couch feel like a slice of heaven.

strawberry shortcake strain effects


Happy 63%

Relaxed 62%

Euphoric 46%

Uplifted 53%

Creative 40%

Help with

Pressure 44%

Anxiety 39%

Lack of appetite 25%

Insomnia 24%

Pain 29%


Headache 1%

Irritating 4%

Dry eyes 4%

Paranoid 7%

Dry mouth 18%

dark horse strawberry shortcake

2 reviews for Strawberry Shortcake

  1. westraw1506

    Buds almost had a orangish pink tint to them. Fiery orange hairs and maybe a flake of purple here and there. Faint smell and taste of strawberry. High was very relaxing but not sedative. 🔥

  2. Lara Calipay

    My experience with this strain was in a concentrate form for vape. I normally medicate somewhat heavily, a 1 gram cartridge usually only lasts me about 3-4 days. That said, this strain makes me slow the hell down on it! Two nice rips with a decent vape battery and I’m as medicated as I need to be! It’s a very relaxed, even sleepy, buzz for me. I usually can sleep more than 4 hours, this strain put me down for 7. Not to mention it taste like dessert!

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