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Genetics: Tk X Gelato



Firstly, Buy tk lato strain, tk lato strain on Instagram,tk lato strain marketplace, tk lato on Facebook marketplace. bred by @seedjunky_jbeezy is getting better and better every round! Stacking hard, dense nugs, covered in diamonds and loud AF! Gelato nose with a gassy undertone. I’d say 70% gelato nose and 30% gas nose. Definitely, a unique strain that I wish I could do justice with my iPhone.

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Also known as TK LATO #13, TK LATO was created by the team at Jungle Boys in Los Angeles. Breeders crossed a Gelato female with Triangle Kush, hence the initials TK. Coupled with the phrase “lato,” short for Gelato, buy tk lato strain.

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Dankshireshop, the best tk lato strain on Instagram. Consumers report the strain combines the sweet flavor of Gelato with the sour, fuel-reminiscent taste of Triangle Kush. Archive Seed Bank brought together a number of big strains to create Dough Lato, crossing Dolato (Gelato 41 x Do-Si-Dos) and Moonbow (Zkittles x Do-Si-Dos). Gassy, doughy flavors and aromas can be expected from this flavorful cross, and its potent and long-lasting high might leave you in a classically stoned state, scrolling NetFlix or exploring the fridge.

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Furthermore, this is a fire combo! Gelato crossed with Triangle Kush! 80 /20 Indica dominate over 15% THC super stoney. Super dank smell worth giving this one a try. TLC Collective in Los Angeles California, tk lato strain marketplace.

2 reviews for Tk Lato

  1. MaungZaw1

    Great hybrid. Although this can give you a pretty good head high, it’s great for day time use where you don’t give two shits in the world and want to just do what you want to do. Do some gardening and get lost in watching the bees pollinate your flowers. It’s also good for after work where you want to just relax and chill till you go to bed.

  2. Sirimongkolsab Lonapat

    This has been such an amazing experience to smoke this strain. I have been yelling LATOoooo for days now. It’s such a smooth yet powerful high. The sedative yet productive and clear high is great for getting a ton of work done and clearing the static of the mind. Or perfect for completely retreating into a euphoric calm. This strain is one for the books.

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