White Durban


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A day time high with perfect focus.



Starting with buy white Durban strain, white Durban dispensary near me, white Durban dispensary Rhode island, white Durban pot sale house. White Durban exhibits notes of sweet earth and fuel. Its buds come coated in a dense layer of glimmering trichomes. White Durban by white Durban pot sale house is a beautiful Sativa-dominant strain. Endowed with the speed of a cheetah wearing a supersonic jet engine.

Firstly, by combining Fireline’s own White Fire OG and the African landrace Durban Poison, a strain with potency and alacrity is created. This strain offers consumers a one-of-a-kind stimulation that invigorates the body and brightens the mind. Secondly, white Durban exhibits notes of sweet earth and fuel. Its buds come coated in a dense layer of glimmering trichomes. Enjoy this strain in small doses for euphoric mental energy and productive stimulation in the body. However, at higher doses, White Durban can overstimulate even the most seasoned cannabis consumer.

White Durban Pot Sale House Reviews

If you need a pick me up and are a seasoned veteran smoker, buy white Durban strain and have yourself a wild ride. White Durban is no joke – it’ll have you going a hundred miles an hour before you’ve even had the chance to hit the gas yourself. This daytime high strikes after just a few short minutes and stays with you for hours. Branded marijuana online shop is here to provide white Durban dispensary Rhode island.

The first time I had it, I tried as hard as possible to make it last forever, and I actually missed it when I finished what I had! Thus I write a review. Nature is extra awesome- music as well. Great enhancer. On my top 5 list.

I finally got White Durban strain from the white Durban dispensary Rhode island. After the first few hits, I was relaxed and gave me a major case of the munchies. Strong chronic pain relief, and intense euphoric sensations. Had laser-like focus, my mood was uplifted and got sleepy near the end of the buzz.

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  1. Gadge

    White Durban – My go to for getting my figure back after holidays indulgence! Its tightly compacted buds give you more than your money’s worth. the high is mellow but energized. Never agitated! ….and the fact that I can feel this way and not want every munchie in my mouth, is the best part! My idea of a good energizing daytime high is “White Durban” you keep your focus with some added creativity and before you know it time just flies away with extra productivity on your sleeve.

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