White Rhino Kush


White Rhino’s classic indica characteristics—courtesy of hybrid parent strain White Widow—are cushioned by a mild sensuality that could potentially flip quarantine partnership fatigue into a shelter in place honeymoon. If you’re tired of looking at your partner’s face, start blowing some White Rhino together and see where it goes.



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White Rhino Kush Effects 2021


Relaxed 56%
Happy 49%
Euphoric 47%
Sleepy 33%
Uplifted 32%
Help with
Stress 38%
Pain 32%
Anxiety 28%
Insomnia 23%
Depression 19%
Side effects
Dry mouth 38%
Dry eyes 18%
Dizzy 7%
Paranoid 7%
Headache 6%
Best for MMJ patients, buy white rhino kush. One of the best medical strains, buy white rhino bud. Nothing helps me more with pain and inflammation. Really relaxing. Good to sleep. Strong Sativa, but you get also an unfocused, dizzy head high. Buy White Rhino kush, it is a Sativa dominant strain, with Indica-like effects. Buy white rhino bud, it has just enough Sativa that the Indica isn’t overwhelming. A nice, strong, classic high that always delivers an alright feeling. The inner noise turns down a little, which makes being quiet a true pleasure. Food tastes a little extra delicious. White Rhino (flower) is an excellent beginning to an early evening in bed too.  A Sativa with that weighted blanket feel, but not as good for anti-anxiety as we’d hoped despite the CBD content. Definitely would not call it a fun high.


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